School Programs

Below is a listing of some of the different educational programs that we offer. These programs are great for school field trips, boy scout and girl scout troops, church groups, etc. Most programs can be adapted to fit a wide range of age groups. For pricing and availability, or for more information about any of the programs, please call the Center. For information regarding customizing a program, please call the Center and ask for Robin Recassina, Director of Education, or email her at

Bird Adaptations
Experience through touch, interactive activities, and live wildlife, Bird Adaptation Ecology (how birds adapted to various habitats) . Appropriate for grades 2nd-12th.

The Gopher Tortoise-A Species In Decline
Observe and learn about one of Florida’s most threatened reptiles in this hands-on experience. Appropriate for grades 3rd-12th.

Meet Your Wildlife Friends
This hands-on presentation uses artifacts and live animals to instill a message of good stewardship and offers a unique experience to get up close with nature. Appropriate for all audiences.

Everglades Communities
Learn about the Everglades ecosystem by examining distinctive communities that exist within this unique Florida feature. Observe animals and plants that are uniquely adapted to live in the Hammock, Sawgrass Prairie, Pinelands Cypress, and Mangrove habitats. Appropriate for grades 4th-12th.

Florida Mangroves
This power-point presentation introduces audiences to the major types of mangrove that exist in Florida, the benefits they offer, and the threats against them. Appropriate for 6th grade-Adult.

Owl Pellet Dissection
Dig in and discover what and how owls eat, by dissecting an owl pellet. This hands-on activity is a favorite for all ages. Please note that there is an additional cost for this program due to the variable pricing of the owl pellets.

These are the some of the major outreach programs available. We can customize programs to complement your curriculum. Ample lead time is requested for these custom programs. In addition, we have several pre-school programs available.

Download a copy of our Outreach Programs Flyer here!