And the Racer is on at SNC

And the Racer is on at SNC
by Lynn Rochelle
While Jan Kolenda and I were chatting as she was working on her mural, I saw a black racer go into the yard behind the administration building.  From her scaffolding, she saw that the racer had something in its mouth.  I crept up to get a closer look, and sure enough, that racer had 2 legs dangling from both sides of its mouth.  “Poor frog,” I said.
“Lucky racer,” said Jan.
But when we saw the racer go back into the cactus garden, we noticed there was no lump of food in its body.  It didn’t occur to us that the frog had gotten away.
Then the race was on.  With the racer hot on its hopping trail, the frog was leaping for its life along the north side of the building, right beside us.  As the frog took 3-foot jumps, the racer stubbornly slithered right behind it.  Then the frog stopped still in its tracks by a clump of grass.  The racer stopped, too and reared its head trying to locate its escaped dinner.  Slowly turning its head, it spotted the juicy meal sitting quietly.  In a flash, the frog leaped back the way it had come, outpacing the racer once again.  To my knowledge, the frog won the race.
Jan was rooting for the snake, while I was rooting for the frog.
Another day at SNC.