Some of our Wonderful Hospital Volunteers

When it comes to the care and rehabilitation of the hundreds of animals that come through our doors, there are so many important jobs being performed. The rehabbers treat and medicate; the “wild cooks” prepare hundreds of meals per day & sort through boxes & boxes of food; the dedicated volunteers clean up after the patients and make them comfortable and the foster parents take over the job of raising babies. All are vital to our mission.
There are four very special people I’d like to highlight. Aside from their duties as animal caretakers, they perform one of the most wonderful of jobs – they are our release specialists. Andrea Stallworth-Davis, Bruce Smith, Rick Johnson, and Margie Pasko all devote considerable time scoping out suitable release sites, catching up the animals at the center, transporting them to the site, and then experiencing the bittersweet moment of giving these beautiful creatures their first taste of freedom. They scatter some food around the area to help make the transition easier. They always remain with the animals until they are sure that they are safely on their way in their new lives. Andrea (the bird whisperer) releases birds near her home and keeps tabs on many of the releases that she still recognizes. Margie & Rick (the possum parents) treat their opossum releases with flea treatments before they go, and provide bags of food to scatter. Bruce (the gopher guy) is always looking for new release sites for the animals, and has released gopher tortoises, squirrels, bunnies, and whatever else we need him to take. After spending many days, and more often months feeding, treating, and caring for our precious patients, it is wonderful to know that we can depend on these very special people to give back to Mother Nature one of her own.

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