P3 Eco-Challenge winner SNC volunteer Rachel

 About the P3 Eco-Challenge

The Broward PEco-Challenge engages and rewards traditional BCPS schools, teachers, students, administrators, and volunteers in learning about and implementing environmentally sustainable measures and green initiatives within their schools and communities.

This initiative is a multi-divisional and organizational effort that supports STEM programs in our schools.  STEM and Instructional Resources Department of Instruction and Interventions Division, Physical Plant Operations Division, and Information Technology Department of BCPS, and their partners, Broward County Natural Resources Planning and Management Division and the Environmental Education Council of Broward County are operating as partners to execute this initiative.

she won first place!

Students – Elementary
Trophy Rachel Supnick Manatee Bay Elementary eReader, Watch Out, Ivybook

her teacher also won!

Educator- Elementary

Runner-Up certif. Andrea Perez Manatee Bay Elementary eReader, 1 Red & Blue Sciencesaurus, Gardening for Grades book, Watch Out, Ivybook

Her School was also nominated

Manatee Bay Elementary School Wacky Wild Science Program