Volunteer Recognition from the Friends of Music

Stacia has been volunteering with the SNC for 3 years. Her range of support has been incredibly diverse. She has attended wildlife rehabilitation classes and learned so much that she often substitutes for our rehabbers when they are out. She also volunteers in the hospital weekly and fosters wild baby mammals at home with round the clock feedings.

Stacia took a grant writing class and sought out grants that would benefit both the SNC and foster volunteerism in her 9 year old daughter Rachel. Stacia has also chaired the Volunteer Craft Fair and the Thred Up clothing drive, both of which made funds for the SNC’s operating account, and she helps at all special events.

Last, but not least, she is an ambassador for the SNC.  As is often the case with those with the passion, her volunteerism became a family affair with daughter Rachel and husband Lonnie participating also. She has also involved Rachel’s school in support of the SNC.

Congratulations Stacia!

Volunteer Recognition Awardee Stacia Supnick